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Few feelings can match an early rainy morning spent snuggled on the couch with a cup of coffee. The only thing that tops this is celebrating the love and union between two people. I had that privilege last weekend when I photographed Luis & Chesney’s Josephine Butler Parks Center Wedding in Washington, D.C.

I share a little bit about how Kevin and I met Luis & Chesney over in their engagement session post. It seems like just last week we were dancing amidst the fall leaves for their portrait session, and now we were photographing their special day.

With no second shooter, and Kevin at my side assisting with equipment, we had a fairly simple timeline ahead. It was a shorter wedding day than we were used to, at only 7 hours of coverage and a speedy morning of photos. But it was perfect for Luis & Chesney’s intimate event.

We started at the Churchill Hotel in D.C., where Chesney was getting ready with her bridesmaid and friend Erica. I quickly took to photographing her details, swooning at how timeless each piece was. Pearls and Yves Saint Laurent lipstick and satin bows on her heels – Chesney couldn’t have picked more perfectly bridal elements to complete her look.

Once details were captured, we rushed to the venue to meet with the Groom for his “getting ready” portraits. Arriving at Josephine Butler Parks Center, we quickly realized this wedding was an “all-hands-on-deck” affair. Luis was carrying in donuts and orange juice for guests, while family was buzzing around setting up decor. We borrowed Luis for his portraits, knowing we only had a few minutes to spare. I’m so thankful for my ENP Grooms. I’ve always been so lucky to have such kind, cooperative guys to work with! Luis nailed it at his portrait posing.

The bride was running behind at the hotel, so we took the extra time to capture ceremony details, venue details, and set up our flashes to counter the dreary weather light coming in. Once that was done, still no bride – and the ceremony was starting in about 15 minutes. I quickly found a spot she could sneak into the venue unseen by guests.

The only available room was less than ideal. It was a powder blue basement room with an old industrial sink and refrigerator and an entire wall lined with a cluttered bulletin board. But then, I turned around and saw it – the doorway to the parking lot! The tiny entrance had beautiful even light pouring in from outside, and if I stood just at the right distance, I could use the door frame as a simple foreground to block the dated fire alarm hanging just a head above. It was our only option.

When Chesney arrived, we quickly slipped her in the dress and put her in the doorway – that spot became a lifesaver for her bridal “getting ready” photos! But we received word 3 minutes in that the ceremony had started without her. Rushing her jewelry and shoes on, we headed upstairs as quickly as possible. I got to the front of the aisle just in the knick of time.

Soon enough, my camera witnessed Luis & Chesney seeing each other for the first time that day as she floated down the aisle. The entire ceremony was a precious representation of their new life together.

The morning continued on with delicious catered food from Chuys and lots of portraits of the newlyweds. Despite the rain, the light kept an even glow on their faces to accentuate their spring colors and beautiful venue. Altogether, editing their gallery, I look back on so many wins from the day. I am so happy with the images we captured. And I’m even more thrilled for our dear friends as they journey into marriage.

Vendor Shoutouts

Venue: Josephine Butler Parks Center

Getting Ready Venue: The Churchill Hotel

Dress Designer: Sareh Nouri

Dress Shop: St. Anthony’s Bridal

Groom’s/Groomsmen’s Suits: Men’s Wearhouse

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: JJ’s House

Cake: Simply Desserts

Catering: Chuy’s Restaurant

DJ: DJ Max

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