Vulnerability alert: writing an "About Me" page is tough. The expectation is to include things like how long I've been a photographer, what my shooting style is, or what my coffee order is at Starbucks. Sorry, no thanks.

I am not the photographer who has had a camera in her hand since she was young. In fact, I did not know I loved photography until I started taking photos for a blog I wanted to write. Entering the wedding industry was never part of my 5-year plan in college, and owning a business never crossed my mind growing up.

But despite my sudden interest in wedding photography, I can now confidently say I have discovered my true calling, my deepest passions, and my dream career. And I don't want any piece of my business to feel like anything other than that. So let's skip the usual. Get to know me on a more accurate level, so that when we meet in person, we can forego the handshake and skip right to the hug!! 

Photographer, writer, cat mom, lover of all the pink

I'm Emily Schneider.

Hey, friend!

• My Story •


Graduating from LU

Getting My 1st Camera

Moving to D.C.

Launching ENP

I grew up in NJ, and lived there until I was almost 16. Then, my family moved to our summer house in VA on Smith Mountain Lake. So I have a little mix of Yankee - Country in me.

When I graduated from Liberty University, I was only 19-years-old. I earned a BS in PR & Advertising and began pursuing a creative career in digital marketing while also starting a blog to keep up with my love of writing.

On a family vacation to Lake Powell, I paid my sister-in-law $300 to buy her old Canon 60D camera. It was meant to just be a way to enhance my blog images, but after practicing with it on our gorgeous desert lake vacation, I just couldn't put it down!

In February 2018, I moved to D.C. for a new job at a communications firm! Moving to a big city was so scary, but by then I also knew my new hobby would come with me as a comforting companion.

In January 2019, I realized my hobby was able to serve families and couples in my community. I decided to go all in and launch my business, but also declare that I would be a wedding photographer! Ask and ye shall receive, because not even 3 months later, I booked my first wedding!

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Ryan the lion

Ryan is my affectionate, attention-hungry, playful 16-year-old cat. We've been best friends for a very long time. He's been there through thick and thin. When I am sick or sad, he comes and begs for a snuggle. When I'm busy or stressed, he comes for a snuggle. When I'm happy.... actually let's face it. He just always wants to snuggle, doesn't really matter what mood I am in. 



 I have loved flamingos even before they were cool. My single-bedroom apartment has little flamingo decor in various places (i.e., my bath mat, soap dish, ice cream bowls, cookie jar, bedroom decor, etc.) Excessive? Maybe. Worth it? Absolutely!


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