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now call your fiancé... you've found the one.

Working with a wedding photographer who shares your excitement, proclivity for romance, and faith in strong, committed marriages...

About me

Wow. What a big role wedding photographers have! I am so honored you're here, considering me for such an important part in your wedding day. You don't want just anyone snapping these precious photos... you want someone who cherishes marriage and memories as much as you do! Someone who just... gets it.

And, hopefully someone who you feel excited to work with. Did you know you spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than you spend with any other vendor? Or even with your own spouse! Yeah, it's kinda important we get this part right. Let's break the ice...

Hi, I'm emily

Virginia wedding photographer who specializes in capturing the beauty of marriage

Our couples know they want more than just a wedding photographer. If you're like our other past clients, you want a human who knows how to photograph humans... meaning you want to feel the heart behind every photo.

But you also want a photographer who gets you and creates ease on the wedding day. Someone who gives you space to process every emotional or sweet moment, someone who makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, and someone who understands the weight of the marriage vow -- as well as all the planning to make those moments feel and look amazing!

If that's you, you're in luck.

Artful, intimate, effortless photography is our specialty.

Sadly, not many in the wedding industry talk about this. Marriage is a special, sacred union between two imperfect people. My husband Kevin and I know that well, and we're still only in our first year of this journey as husband and wife!

But we didn't get married just because of puppy love or an ideal sold to us by the wedding industry. We got married because we believe in marriage – faithful, God-ordained, sacrificial marriage.

We believe marriage is the foundation upon which a healthy family unit and all of society rests. We believe in God as the Designer of marriage, and thus firmly defend and promote His plan for the institution. 

We believe marriage is beautiful. And everything we do as Virginia wedding photographers aims to capture that beauty in its rawest form and sweetest beginnings. If you believe the same, we were meant to capture the beauty of YOUR marriage.

We believe in


Work With Us

Our process is simple: Celebrate your union. Sounds profound, right? (And really, it is.) But it's the simple driver of the way we capture our couples on camera. From the moment you inquire to the wedding day, we begin a process of getting to know you as individuals, and as a couple. We invest time in learning about your story and highlighting it in your images. It's documentary in a way, but sprinkled with intentionality to guide you through the process so you don't feel stiff or awkward. 

We make it easy and enjoyable, because what's easier or more enjoyable than being yourself with your favorite person? Let us handle the technicalities, just show up and be you. You'd be surprised how flawlessly we capture your connection after just a short amount of time with you.

Matthew 19:6

''...they are no longer two but one flesh...''

Our Process

husband and wife

Who we are

Serving As A Team

Emily, Lead Photographer. I'm the dreamer, the artistically inclined, and the face behind Emily Nicole Photography. When you book us, you'll be getting my expertise in helping you craft visual mood boards, timelines, and shot lists to ensure your wedding day is captured with every planned detail and spontaneous moment in mind. 

Kevin, Logistics & Second Shooter-in-Training. While I learn to second shoot, I'm also the one mailing you your welcome gift or getting on the phone to arrange your engagement session location/permits. Lots of behind-the-scenes work that you don't see but definitely experience when things go smoothly for your engagement/wedding.

I want that for you – a marriage more beautiful than the wedding day.

My grandparents have been married for 63 years. My parents have been married for 42. And my in-laws have been married for 38.

I look at all their wedding photos from decades past and think how that was only day one of their journey, one that led to me eventually following in their footsteps with my husband. Years of struggles and celebrations spent together all started in a white dress and pressed tuxedo.

As beautiful as their wedding days were, their marriages were even more beautiful, inspiring my husband and I to want to follow in their footsteps, building our own solid foundation.

My prayer for all ENP Couples is that they have a photography experience that reignites their motivation to invest in one another. I want these photos to be a tool that reminds you to fight for a strong marriage, all the days of your life. When I meet committed, spiritually connected couples, I know they'll make it. Because I can see how they plan more for their marriage than for their wedding day. And that leads to both being glorious and beautiful for all their loved ones to witness.

a Marriage more beautiful than the wedding day

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