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Breathtaking Mountain View Sunset at a Delfosse Vineyard Wedding | Charlottesville Wedding Photographer


Few places can satisfy my itch to travel the world like the beauty of Virginia’s landscapes. Kyle and Margaret’s Delfosse Vineyard wedding was one of those days where I was content to be exactly where I was — at the heart of Virginia’s beautiful wine country in Charlottesville, capturing a timeless couple on their special day.

But we didn’t start the day at Delfosse. The Graduate, a charming hotel in Charlottesville, was the first stop as I helped capture Getting Ready photos for Kyle & Margaret with their bridal party. This hotel is chock full of iconic nods to Charlottesville’s history.

We then traveled to the picturesque grounds of the University of Virginia for an unforgettable beginning to Kyle and Margaret’s love story as they exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony. From there, their journey of love continued, leading to a stunning reception amidst the rolling vineyards and breathtaking scenery of their Delfosse Vineyard wedding.

The UVA Wedding Ceremony

Nestled within the historic charm of the University of Virginia, Kyle and Margaret began their journey. Now they were returning, not as college lovers, but now as bride and groom. The iconic architecture, serene gardens, and rich history provided an idyllic backdrop for their heartfelt vows. As the couple exchanged promises in the presence of family and friends, the atmosphere buzzed with love and joy.

Every glance, every heartfelt speech, and every smile created such touching moments to witness and document in their photography.

Delfosse Vineyard Wedding Reception & Portraits

Following the ceremony, the celebration continued at Delfosse Vineyard, a stunning locale that perfectly complemented the romance of the day. Nestled in the heart of Virginia’s wine country, the dreamy vineyard rivaled that found in Europe.

The panoramic views of rolling vineyards, coupled with the rustic charm of the venue created a mesmerizing ambiance. Guests were treated to fine wines, delectable cuisine, and romantic music that filled the air with merriment and laughter. Every detail, from the elegant fall decor to the heartfelt toasts, contributed to the magic of the evening.

My favorite part of this Delfosse Vineyard wedding was their golden hour portrait time! As the sun dipped below the horizon, it cast a warm glow over the vineyard. Kyle and Margaret were flawless to pose as a married couple. Scroll further to see the jaw-dropping backdrop and beautiful couple, drenched in beautiful sunlight!

The joyous celebration continued well into the night, with friends and family relishing in the happiness radiating from the newlyweds. Kyle and Margaret’s Delfosse Vineyard wedding was a fusion of elegance, romance, and heartfelt moments. I love how they weaved parts of their history into their celebration. From the historic charm of UVA’s ceremony to the captivating beauty of Delfosse Vineyard’s reception, every aspect reflected the couple’s adorable love story.

Inspiration for Your Charlottesville Wedding

For those seeking a blend of history, beauty, and rustic charm, the UVA wedding ceremony and Delfosse Vineyard wedding reception serve as perfect choices for any Charlottesville couple! Couples looking to create their own unforgettable moments amidst stunning landscapes and rich history can draw inspiration from Kyle and Margaret’s magical celebration.

P.S. I was so honored to be the second shooter for this wedding alongside my talented friend Stacie Marshall of Marshall Arts Photography! Since I wasn’t the lead, the below images are just my favorite captures from my camera throughout the day, edited in my style for portfolio purposes only. See the full blog post over at Stacie’s website, HERE.

If you made it this far, I hope it’s because you can’t get enough of my artwork! 🙂 Check out the blog posts below to see more. Or Inquire with Me about your wedding day to secure my services for your own love story.

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