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9 Elegant, Classy Bridesmaid Gift Ideas They’ll Actually Keep | Northern VA Wedding Photographer

Wedding Tips

As weddings become more personal to the couple, so should the gifts we give our bridesmaids. This list of thoughtful, classy bridesmaid gift ideas will hopefully inspire you to think outside the box. Let’s pour more time and money into finding something meaningful rather than something cliche and tacky that our sweet friends already have from the last wedding.

Gone are the days of monogrammed everything and wrinkled satin robes that say “bridesmaid” – ok, maybe these trends haven’t gone away. But I think we all secretly hope they do! Think about it… when is the last time you put on that satin robe? Do you really still have/use the stemless wine glass your girlfriend got you that has “bridesmaid” across it in gold calligraphic font? 

Give your bridesmaids gifts they’ll actually want to keep. It’s a smarter use for your budget as well as a more meaningful way to thank your best friends for standing by your side on your special day.

A Quick Caveat: One size fits all gifts often do not fit all. You know your girls best! It is ok to get each bridesmaid something different. In fact, some of the best classy bridesmaid gift ideas are ones that come from the heart. Just set a budget for yourself that is the same for each gal pal and buy something you feel they would appreciate most. It shows a lot of thoughtfulness when you take into consideration each woman’s interests.

Another Quick Caveat: Don’t be tempted into believing you have to get multiple gifts for your bridesmaids! Keeping to one well-thought-out, elegant gift can make a bigger impression than a pristinely curated gift box. 

Budget: $

These classy bridesmaid gift ideas may fall in the “$75 per bridesmaid or less” range. 

Self-Care Box

If you’re looking for a cute way to give a variety of gifts, a self care box is both functional and cost efficient. You can have a lot of fun walking the aisles of Target or Bath and Body Works (or even a few visits to Anthropologie or Sephora if you want to throw in a bougier item or two) compiling 3-7 items that cater to your friends’ self care. 

This can include bath bombs and face masks, but it doesn’t have to stop there! Think about overall wellness and provide variety. Maybe throw in a cute journal or a healthy treat. Consider a nail polish in a color you know they’d love or a candle! 


Nowadays, jewelry is a popular bridesmaid gift, so it’s easy to find adorable pieces at every price range. Remember, jewelry doesn’t have to scream “bridesmaid” (in fact, we all beg you that it won’t). Think about something they can wear on your wedding day AND beyond. A piece that works well for a work setting, formal setting, dates with their guy, or everyday wear can really please most women. Some cute ideas could be this timeless sailor’s knot bracelet from Kate Spade, or a more personal option like GLDN’s birth flower pendant necklace.

Makeup Bag 

I really hope I’m not the only girl here who can admit that they are long overdue for a new makeup bag. Those things get pretty nasty… quick! So while this is an item that most women have, an upgrade is always nice and may be appreciated by the majority of your girls. You can even go the extra mile and stuff them with a few makeup goodies in shades that would compliment each girl! I really love these options because of their quality, looks, and functionality: 

  • Mark & Graham – Ok, yes – this one can be monogrammed. But it’s subtle and tasteful.
  • Pottery Barn – Love this one because it comes with a set of two, one large and one small! Bonus if the floral pattern matches your wedding aesthetic.
  • Ted Baker – Who can resist a timeless bow detail??

Budget: $$

These classy bridesmaid gift ideas may fall in the “$150 per bridesmaid or less” range. 

Hair & Makeup

Weddings are expensive – mostly for the couple and their families but also for their guests and bridal party. One nice gesture that doubles as a gift is covering your girls’ hair and makeup on the morning of your big day. A little bit of pampering can make your gang feel extra special. And it takes the stress out of manipulating perfect updos on their own. 

Tip from your wedding photographer: Make sure your hair & makeup artist(s) know how many girls will be participating, AHEAD of time. This way they can plan the right start time for beauty. All girls need to be fully ready by the time we begin getting the bride in her dress for photos.


This idea might be a tad risky, but if you know your friends well you can really wow them. A good perfume is a staple. Call me old fashioned. There are some really luxurious options out there, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on each bridesmaid to offer them their new reliable, go-to fragrance.

Some of my favorite scents (and prettiest bottles) include Miss Dior Eau de Parfum (1.7 oz), Tocca Eau de Parfum Liliana (100ml) – or any of their other scents really, and a true classic Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum (1.7 oz). Keep in mind you can also scale down by choosing smaller sized bottles if

Luxury Statement Makeup

Add a new treat (or a few) to your girls’ make-up bag by buying them a new statement cosmetic. Many of the luxury brands offer free engravings too if you want to add their initials. Just be sure to choose shades you think they’d wear and/or complement them. I would avoid foundations or any skin-matching products and instead opt for a fun shade of lipstick, blush, or nail polish. Here are some of my favorites:

Lipsticks: Gucci sheer lipstick, Pat McGrath Labs SatinAllure, Yves Saint Laurent Loveshine Lip Oil Stick

Blushes: Gucci Luminous Matt Beauty Blush, Dolce&Gabanna Cheeks&eyes Match, Laura Mercier Roseglow Blush Color Infusion

Nail Polishes (idea: choose colors within your wedding’s palette!): Dior Vernis Nail Polish, Chanel Le Vernis Nail Polish, Static Nails Sets

Budget: $$$

These classy bridesmaid gift ideas may fall in the “$200 per bridesmaid, moree or less” range. 

Anthro Throw Blanket

I’m certain I’m not the only girl who wishes she could fill her home with Anthropologie everything! Their throw blankets especially look oh-so-cozy and come in so many beautiful patterns and colors. Pair that with a classic Anthro candle and you’re sure to see it in your friends’ homes after the wedding.

Facials/Massages for the Week of the Wedding

A girlfriend of mine did this when I was in her bridal party, and honestly it was divine! It was all the pampering I needed, and something I don’t typically treat myself to. Find a local small business in your area to support or treat them to a gift card to their local spa if most of your girls are traveling for your wedding!

A Clutch

This idea is both cute, classy and functional for your girls on the wedding day and beyond! You can look for clutches that will pair well with their bridesmaid dresses, or find ones that you feel fit their personal style best. Check out Kate Spade Outlet to watch for killer deals on some really elegant options, or there’s always this cutie from Loeffler Randall!

If you found this post helpful, check out some of my other journal posts below for wedding planning advice, tips, and photography inspiration. Inquire to book ENP for your wedding photography services HERE!

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