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Engagement sessions have become almost like a tradition for engaged couples in the wedding planning process. But lately, I have met a few couples who just don’t understand the need for an engagement session. And there’s no shame! I think wedding photographers have not done a good enough job explaining the importance of this seemingly silly photo session. I’d love to break it down for you, using my own experience as a testimony! Here are 5 reasons why you NEED an engagement session (with your wedding photographer).

1. Engagement Sessions Celebrate A Fleeting Season

I know this may not feel like truth for all couples. But for the vast majority of couples I’ve met and worked with, the engagement season lasts only about 12-18 months! That means, you have a fiancé for just a short amount of time.

I remember the days of Kevin being my boyfriend. Those memories were sweet, but very different from memories of Kevin the Fiancé. He’s the same Kevin, but he has taken on this new role in my life. He’s preparing to be the man in my life who will love and protect me forever. Being a husband will be so much easier because of this season, while he practices helping with dishes, keeps us financially accountable, and sets aside time for intimate connection. We’re apartment hunting together, furnishing that apartment, cutting out eating out to save our budget, and talking about when we want to start having kids.

Our engagement session was a great moment to pause and remember all our sweet times together, celebrating this new season we’re in. I’m so glad that years from now, we will have photos from THIS season of life to help us remember forever.

2. Engagement Sessions Give You Great “Save The Date” or “Thank You” Card Photos

So many of my clients have used their engagement session photos so creatively! I’ve seen them on Save The Dates or Thank You cards for guests after the wedding day or bridal showers. When else will you have the chance to flaunt that ring for your relatives’ fridge? 😉

Why you need an engagement session with your wedding photographer

3. Engagement Sessions Help Cure Camera Shyness

This sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true. Wedding days are not a great moment to break out a camera if you are already camera shy. Most people who struggle with this are the type of person who don’t love attention. And guess what weddings are. MEGA attention, all on you. Sorry to scare you!

But by having an engagement session, your wedding photographer can create a safe space to learn what it’s like to be the center of attention. It doesn’t have to feel vain. It is about the BOTH of you! I’ll teach you how to focus on your significant other so that the camera just melts into the background. You’ll be surprised at how “accessory” a photographer feels when you get used to being in front of the lens, the RIGHT way.

4. Engagement Sessions Allow You To Learn Flattering Poses

I use my engagement sessions strategically to teach clients tips and tricks for being more photogenic. Most people don’t realize that bending your leg a certain way or sticking your thumb out when hands are in the pockets can do wonders for removing awkwardness!

This is also one of the two reasons why an engagement session with anyone other than your wedding photographer is a bad idea. Every wedding photographer has preferred poses or a posing system. If you learn from one photographer, you may not be ready for the poses your wedding photographer will use. I have a simple, four core pose system I teach all my clients. From there, I create variations and walk my clients through each pose step-by-step.

But if they worked with another photographer for their engagement session, they may not know the “nuzzle” pose on their wedding day — or the “door hinges” or any other pose I use! This only puts couples back at square one. So take advantage of engagement sessions with your chosen wedding photographer.

5. Engagement Sessions Help You Bond With Your Wedding Photographer

This is reason 2 of why I say you need an engagement session specifically with your wedding photographer. Much like point #4, you are missing out on a great opportunity if you schedule a session with someone else.

My couples all receive a complimentary, 2-hour engagement session! Those 2 hours are for multiple outfits and locations for variety, but it’s also because this is as much of a “hang out” with me as it is a photo session for you. I love hanging with my couples! It gives me the chance to learn more about them. I ask you questions about your dating stories, your jobs, your families. By the end of the session, most couples feel like they are my friends. And how sweet is that to have a real friend show up on your wedding day to photograph every memory!

After our engagement session with our wedding photographers, Kevin and I walked away so excited to call Katelyn and Michael friends! I think of all the people I can’t wait to hug on my wedding day, and honest to truth, K & M come to mind too now.

Are you convinced yet? Strange to think that engagement photos are about so much more than just pretty pictures, isn’t it? Well don’t be overwhelmed. Like I mentioned earlier in this post, all of my ENP Couples get a complimentary engagement session as part of their experience. If you’re interested in building that kind of relationship with your photographer, inquire with me for your wedding!

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