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10 Wedding Day Details You Won’t Want To Forget In Your Bridal Details Box

Wedding Tips

Being a wedding photographer is about more than just taking professional portraits. I’m there to tell the story of your wedding day, and your future family. In a way, your wedding is the first chapter of your story together. That’s why photographing your bridal details are an important part of my job. It tells the story of the day from start to finish, from the tiniest detail to the most memorable moments.

Bridal details are usually photographed in the first 60 minutes of your coverage time. And believe me, I need as much of this time as you can give me to produce creative photos! So, save yourself some stress by gathering all your details the night before your wedding.

Here’s what ten things you should set aside in your bridal details box:

  1. All three rings. Your engagement ring and both your and your groom’s wedding band, please! I love photographing them all together, so make sure they are in this box and then I promise to make sure your groom’s band makes it to his Best Man when I’m done.
  2. Invitation suite. Make sure to set aside one extra set of your invitation suite for me to photograph. These could be RSVP, details card, main piece, envelope, and any ribbons or wax stamps you used.
  3. Perfume. Picking out a special scent for your wedding day is an intimate detail that will bring you fond memories whenever you smell it in the future. Capture what you’re wearing by packing the bottle in your details box.
  4. Jewelry. Your earrings, necklace, bracelet, extra rings, etc. Whatever sparkly thing you’re wearing! Or, if you gave your bridesmaids gift jewelry, ask to borrow it for the box before they put it on in the morning so I can photograph them together. (By the way, if you’re looking for jewelry, my favorite online boutique is Olive & Piper.)
  5. Gifts. Speaking of which… if your friends or family gave you any sentimental gifts, or if you are giving any gifts to one another as bride and groom or to your parents, now is the time to include it in your big day! 
  6. Something Old. Many brides choose to borrow or highlight heirlooms on their wedding day. Sometimes this is wrapping your grandmother’s ring around your bouquet, other times its a clutch you borrowed from your aunt’s wedding. Whatever is special to you and your family, don’t forget to give it the attention this piece of family history deserves!
  7. Hair accessories and/or your veil. Before you have your hair stylist pin you up, please give me a few minutes with your headpiece.
  8. Shoes. Your shoes will be an adorable accent to a flat lay, and even a sweet detail to capture alone. And if you are changing shoes at the reception, be sure to include those as well.
  9. Your bouquet. The bouquet is a critical piece of your bridal details. Though, I know it often arrives the morning of, so I don’t expect it to be in your bridal details kit. Just make sure as soon as it arrives, it is taken to me asap! Gawk over it, then hand it to your bridesmaid so I can gawk too… with my camera 😉
  10. Groom Details. Did you know my second shooter captures details too? Your groom has details, believe it or not. Ask your groom to pack away his shoes, tie, tie bar/pin, watch, cologne, cuff links, and buttons (if in a tux). And if he has any gifts or heirlooms, refer to #5-6 for his details too! Lastly, as soon as the boutonnieres arrive, have the florist or a groomsmen hand them to my second shooter.

Now… where to put all this stuff?? I find a shoe box is super helpful for it all! Wherever you store it, put it in one place, packed carefully so things like your jewelry and fragile items don’t get broken or lost. 

Want to see an example of how beautifully curated wedding details might look in your gallery? Check out John and Sarah’s wedding day!

Xx Emily

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