The Search for President Trump: My Family Comes to D.C.


This past weekend was such a blast! Some of my family came to visit me in Washington, D.C. for a late Mother’s Day trip — my mom; my sister-in-law, Ashley; and my niece & nephew, Brooke and Nathan. For those of you that live here in the DMV area, I’m sure you can already guess what we did this weekend.

All. The. Things.

But there was one thing on my nephew’s mind. Nate wanted nothing more than to “meet Donald Trump and shake his hand.” As an aunt of two, showing them around my city, I wanted nothing more than to make sure his outrageous request did not lead to a disappointing trip. So, we improvised a little… we went on a search for “President Trump”.

Friday evening, after I got off work, we walked around the National Mall showing the kids all of the monuments and memorials we could find. We stopped at the Washington Monument and Capitol first, snapped a few photos, then kept moving towards “Mr. Trump’s house” (the White House). On the way there, I remembered we would be passing by Trump International Hotel.

I turned to Nate and said, “I have a surprise for you on the way to Mr. Trump’s house.” He immediately lit up with curiosity and began guessing what the surprise would be as we held hands walking down the sidewalk. As we got close, I could see the sign peeking over some landscaping. I pointed to it, and Nathan’s eyes got so big when he read the large gold letters T R U M P.

Naturally, we had to get a photo of Brooke and Nate in front of the hotel. Nate kept asking if Trump was inside, and we had to tell him that we’re heading towards where he might be. We kept moving.

We finally got to the White House, took some photos, and began looking for the President (obviously with no luck of seeing him).

Friday ended with ice cream and pizza. On Saturday, we did the Smithsonian hop. We walked through the American History museum, Natural History, and Air and Space.

We had lunch from a food truck in between, and did SO much walking! It’s a wonder how my mom, sister-in-law, and I kept up with the kids’ energy… or how they kept up with all that walking themselves. At the end of the day, I surprised the kids with a visit to The Dough Jar, my new favorite dessert spot in Georgetown that serves cups of edible cookie dough.

We pretty much explored all of D.C.’s most popular attractions in a matter of 36 hours. I was tired and sore, but nothing replaces seeing Brooke’s and Nate’s face as they experienced this historical city for the first time. I can’t wait until their next visit!


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