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My [Quarantine] Work Desk

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Hey, friends! I just wanted to check-in and share a little inspiration for those of you who are like me and working from home during quarantine.

In case you missed it, I actually started a brand new full-time job RIGHT before COVID-19 shut the country down. I spent my first week in a brand new office, sitting at a sterile, empty work desk, learning the ropes at my new communications job. By my second week, my company transitioned into teleworking.

Needless to say, it was pretty jarring to learn a brand new role and join a new company from home. Starting a new job is always a little uncomfortable, as you learn the ropes and try to remember faces and names of your new coworkers. In order to soften that transition, I went to Target in the middle of week one to treat myself to a bunch of pretty new desk decor / organization knick-knacks.

Sadly, we moved into quarantine before I even got the chance to bring in my goodies to adorn my new workspace. So they sat in those Target bags in my living room for weeks. Soon enough, the virus started spreading pretty rapidly in northern Virginia, so I decided to move home with my parents where there were far less cases.

Working from home at my parents’ house was a tough transition too. The extra activity and noise from being with my family and our dog was tough to adapt to. But then my dad did this super sweet thing and set up a work station in the guest bedroom! I now work at a white folding table facing a big window that looks out to the lake.

And instead of let my desk goodies sit in Target bags, I decided to bring them with me! Let me tell you… it has made a WORLD of difference! Just having pretty things that speak to me surround me while I work has done wonders for my psyche and stress levels. I feel like I have a home-y place to do my work and stay motivated and inspired.

So I thought I’d share all my little desk friends with you, to inspire you! Maybe you’re working from home and still struggling to stay motivated or feel comfortable in your make-shift workspace. Little additions might just do the trick for you!

Here are a list of inexpensive ideas you might consider incorporating into your quarantine desk / workspace:

  • desk organizer
  • wireless charging station (this one from Target combines both of these first two items in one and I LOVE it!!)
  • white board / chalkboard calendar (I could not find this one hardly anywhere online, but I bought mine from Walmart! So hurry while it’s in stock)
  • a cute tumbler / mug (Go to target for the most amazing collection of $5 mugs!!)
  • motivational notes / cards (I chose to display a card my grandma sent me last week)
  • an air plant in a cute pot
  • a pretty padfolio (I have this one in pink and I could not get through my busy work day without it… seriously.)
  • decorative pens
  • a 4×6 picture frame
  • a vase with flowers (Target’s Hearth & Hand Magnolia collection has some amazing faux flowers to choose from! Here’s the one I have, and it’s my favorite flower too)
  • colorful sticky notes
  • a day planner
  • stress toys
  • stylish figurines (This cutie also doubles as home to my air plant)

Happy shopping 😉

Xx Emily



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