Dating, Marriage, & Relationships: A List of My Favorite Resources


As I enter into the wedding industry, I have had lots of time to focus on the profound ideals of marriage, engagement, even dating relationships with a long-term goal. Wedding photography has to mean more to me than taking beautiful portraits at some fancy event… I am capturing something sacred — two people committing their lives to one another in front of God and their loved ones.

It’s a long walk to the aisle. What I mean by that is many of us have a lot of life that is lived before we say “I do” to our life partner. It’s important to know how to navigate the seasons before marriage in order to set up our marriages for success post-ceremony. I want to be the kind of vendor that invests in my couples through more than just providing quality service and pretty images. I want to invest in their lives and their marriage in the short time that I have with them.

I’m no relationship expert, and I am not married. But I do spend a lot of time absorbing uplifting input and information from some really great resources! I spend a lot of time listening to and talking with people who have a lot of great things to say about relationships and marriage — people like my pastor, Ben Stuart; my close friend and counselor, Janice; authors like Jackie Kendall, Marshall Segal, and Matt Chandler; and more.

Instead of starting this blog series by repeating a lot of things I read in a book or heard in a podcast, I want to make my first post one that you can use to find these resources and enjoy them yourselves. Whether you’re someone who learns best by listening to a podcast, reading a book, or watching a sermon, here are all the resources I’ve been consuming in the past year (plus).

My Favorite Relationship Books:

For Singles + Dating:

For All Stages:

My Favorite Relationship Podcasts:

My Favorite Relationship Videos:

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