3 Things Engaged Couples Can Expect Out Of A Wedding Photography Consultation

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If you are a Virginia bride, you already know that there are so many talented Virginia wedding photographers to choose from! How can you possibly choose the best one to capture your day? I recommend scheduling a pre-booking wedding photography consultation with all your favorite options.

I offer free consultations with inquiring couples before they ever book with me. There are so many reasons this time is crucial to a successful relationship with my clients. But many brides have no idea what to expect out of booking these consultations. Instead of feeling hesitant to book this time, let me share what you can expect to learn from a consultation with me, and why they’re so important to schedule!

What To Expect

1. Candid Conversation

When I meet with my potential couples, I hate jumping right into things. I want to get to know you and I want you to feel at ease around me! Tell me your story! How did you meet? How did he propose? What’s you’re favorite thing about him/her? What do you guys do for work? What does life look like on the weekends? Do you have a cat or dog? Can I PLEASE see your furbaby?

It is my goal to make sure that before you ever sign a contract, you are excited about the person you are hiring. Photographers spend more time with the bride than the groom even does on their wedding day! So it’s important to have this ice-breaker time to make sure our chemistry is easy, natural, and fun.

Virginia wedding photographers shooting a wedding at Washington Golf and Country Club in Arlington Virginia

2. Services/Pricing Information

This is the meaty stuff. I’ll present my services to you and break down all the info. You’ll learn everything about my offerings before even having to ask a single question. I’ll tell you about the hours of coverage, engagement session info, whether you get a second shooter, how many images to expect, and how the album ordering process works. In the meantime, you can scroll through some of my favorite weddings and engagement sessions and gain confidence that these offerings will serve you well on your own wedding day.

You’ll also get a no-B.S. breakdown of the investment. Everything from the base package value to a la carte options, travel fees (if applicable), tax estimation (likely the average tax rate for Virginia wedding photographers), and more. I HATE hidden fees (don’t we all?) So I’ll never surprise you when the bill comes around. You’ll know exactly what you’re investing in before you ever sign the dotted line.

3. Questions and Answer

Now it’s your turn. If there is anything still on your mind by the time I’ve finished presenting my work, let’s continue the conversation! Ask me ANYTHING. I’m an open book. Have a specific wedding detail you want to tell me about to make sure it can be captured in an 8 hour timeline? Ask! Worried about a large family formal list? Let me know! This is your time, and I pad all my consultations with plenty of it to make sure you feel comfortable before we part ways.

Swoopy veil shot from Virginia wedding photographers based in Alexandria, VA

What NOT to Expect

Don’t expect to have to make a decision at the consultation. I’ll show and tell you everything you need to know, but trust me. I’m a bride too, this year. I know what a huge commitment and investment all these wedding vendors can be. Especially when it comes to photography, you want the best for your special day. Unless you are 100%, heart-set, sold out on me, don’t say yes or no right then and there. Take a few days, let me send you all the info to your e-mail to review on your own time, and I’ll follow up within a week to see how you’re doing.

Also, don’t expect to know EVERYTHING about photography, editing, and posing after this consultation. Honestly, that is my job to worry about. All you need to focus on is making sure you love my work and you love me. It’s that simple! If you have any doubts about either, keep looking for a photographer before making a final decision. As long as your date is available, I am around, so there’s nothing else rushing your decision other than other couples booking on my calendar.

Ultimately, I tell couples this all the time. I want you to feel both CONFIDENT and EXCITED about your wedding photography!! If I make you feel both after you’ve met with me and considered my offerings, then I am your girl! But if not, there’s plenty of other talented, amazing Virginia wedding photographers that are just dying to meet you. Don’t get discouraged if I’m not it. I support your bridal/groom journey no matter what!

What to Bring to your Wedding Photography Consultation

For the best wedding photography consultation, I recommend you bring the following:

  • Yourselves! Including your fiancé. Whenever possible, meet your vendors together as a couple.
  • A pen and paper. I’m a big note taker myself, and recommend jotting down ideas/questions/notes as we discuss.
  • Questions! Don’t let me do all the talking. I definitely will if you let me, but that’s no fun for anyone I’m sure 😉
  • A firm budget. You should know your walkaway number before you meet with me to avoid stress.
  • A confirmed venue and date. The quicker we know this info, the easier it is for me to confirm my availability!

Ready to book a wedding photography consultation with me? Let’s do the dang thing!

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