WINS-Day: Editing, Second Shooting, and Homemade Dinner


It’s Wednesday!! Which means it’s also another WINS-day. Here are my wins from this week:

  1. I got my favorite couple hundred photos edited and blogged from Brad & Kristen’s wedding! See them here. It was such a beautiful day and I can’t wait to finish up their entire gallery.
  2. Also in the “editing” vein, I’m exploring opportunities to become a part time editor for some fellow photographers. Y’all know I keep hinting that some big goals for next year are pushing me to rake in a little extra cash, and this is one way I am trying to boost my efforts. If you are a photographer and need to outsource your editing to get your life back, let’s chat!!!
  3. I got to second shoot with Julia Summers on Saturday, and it was a BEAUTIFUL day! Also, Julia is AMAZING!! We’re already basically besties, with a coffee date on the books for next week to look at our photos together and chat all things weddings, photography, and business.
  4. I finally forced myself to cook dinner for the first time in…. I can’t even say. Kevin has been so great about picking up most of the cooking for us at night when we spend time together. Otherwise, Chick-Fil-A has become too familiar a friend. But tonight I made a low-calorie recipe from my new healthful foods cookbook – chicken thighs over homemade onion dressing. And it was SO GOOD.

This is only week 2 of my regular WINS-day posts. So if you’re just hopping in, read week 1 to hear what these little posts are all about! Until next time, friends! Keep counting your blessings.

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