WINS-Day: Blogging, Weddings, and Sneak Peeks


Hi friends! I’m starting a new weekly blog-series to go live every Wednesday. This one is all about my wins for the week – starting with blogging, weddings and sneak peeks! And no, this isn’t to brag about how great business is going. Because, let’s face it – there are going to be tough weeks in life and in business. But this series is inspired by something Kevin always tells me.

“Not everyday is going to be good. But there’s something good in every day.” Maybe not a Kevin original quote… but wherever he did hear it, he constantly reminds me regardless.

So here are my wins from this week! I encourage you to get in the habit of tracking your wins weekly, too. Maybe it’s in a journal, or on Instagram, or in a blog like me – newsflash, you can start your own free blog at! But try to track wins. It’s a lot like counting your blessings. It will refresh even the most tired of souls.

  1. I’ve successfully been blogging everyday! Sometimes that means working hard one day to schedule ahead, but other days it’s been late nights just to push something out. No matter how it happened, tomorrow marks a full week of daily posts for the first time!
  2. It’s been weddings galore this week! I photographed Kristen & Brad’s big day last Saturday, and this coming Saturday I’ll be behind the camera again! This time I’m second shooting with a new friend of mine – Julia Summers. I’m super excited for the opportunity to work with her. We met via our Katelyn James Education Facebook group. Seriously, check her out! She’s incredibly talented.
  3. Despite a super busy week, I successfully delivered Kristen & Brad’s sneak peeks yesterday. I love offering my couples a sample of sneak peeks from their wedding day to get them excited about the full gallery heading their way. Many couples don’t see their images for weeks or even months later – and I don’t want to be that kind of photographer. So, they got 54 IMAGES to enjoy while I finish the rest of their 1,500+ upcoming gallery! Lots of editing ahead of me, but I’m so glad to have placed some of my favorites into their hands so soon after they tied the knot.

Whew!! Pretty solid first Wins-day, if I say so myself. What are some of your wins this week?

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