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When I was engaged to Kevin, the one question I got from all my friends and family constantly was “How will you pick your wedding photographer?” Seeing that I’m a wedding photographer myself, my loved ones probably knew I would struggle to trust someone else with my wedding vision. It’s true that being in the business made it a little tougher to trust another photographer’s eye. But I think I had the same feelings any bride has. I just wanted to make sure all my memories were in capable hands. Hiring a wedding photographer is a tedious task, but an important one. It’s crucial to love everything about your photographer. So here’s a quick list of what you must know before you hire your wedding photographer.

The three top tips for hiring a wedding photographer for your wedding day. Virginia wedding photographer, serving Washington D.C., Baltimore, Annapolis, Richmond, and all of Northern Virginia. Also willing to travel to any location where love stories unfold!

Price point: Hire a wedding photographer that you can afford.

Weddings are expensive. There’s very little getting around it unless you plan to elope or do a courthouse ceremony. But, while price can be difficult to get around, you should also understand that higher prices should also mean higher quality services! You should take a beat to discuss with your fiancé how important quality photography is to you for your special day.

Photos are the only product from your wedding day that will last. Flowers die off and wedding dresses get stuffed in closets rarely to be worn (or seen) again. But photos tell a story for generations to come. So investing in a photographer truly is an investment in your family history.

You should know your budget for photography BEFORE you begin inquiring with photographers. Do a little research. Look at what the average cost of photography is in your market. Then discuss with a wedding planner what you should expect to pay for the kind of photography you’re envisioning. Be descriptive. Then let them guide you or do your research based on descriptive words you use to describe your ideal experience. Do you want light and airy? Fine art? Editorial? Documentary?

When you inquire with photographers whose work you admire, you should be prepared to hear their pricing with hopefully a little less sticker shock than you’d have if you went in to the process blind. If you are comfortable with their price point, book them! But if you have major doubts, you’re more likely to want to back out last minute which will cost you a non-refundable retainer in most cases and cost you more in the long run trying to find a cheaper alternative with a shorter notice to your wedding day.

Be confident in your decision before you make it!

Portfolio: Hire a wedding photographer whose work you LOVE.

A photographer’s editing and shooting style is much like a painter’s unique brush stroke pattern. We’re artists. We take pride in our work. So if you don’t love your wedding photographer’s editing style, chances are you won’t love your wedding photos. Make sure you hire a photographer whose work you LOVE and don’t want to change!

Remember, photographers are human. And what’s more… we’re creatives. Which means we put a lot of our heart and soul into our work. It’s a vulnerable thing to put our work out in public. Be kind, but also hire someone whose work excites you and speaks to you. If you can’t imagine yourself or your wedding when you look at their prior work, you might want to keep looking until you can.

Personality: You will spend a lot of time with your wedding photographer.

While you might be communicating with your wedding planner the most pre-wedding, you should know that the most face-to-face time spent on your wedding day is with your photographer. You’ll be hanging out with me ALL day long, so it’s important that you like me as a person as well as a photographer. You should feel happy to see me when I arrive. And hopefully you’re comfortable and yourself around me.

Now, nerves are normal. Especially when a camera is pointed at you. That’s why I offer a free engagement session for all my couples, so we can get to know each other and get you comfortable in front of the camera. But if you don’t feel connected to me during that initial discovery call, I might not be the right fit for you and that’s ok! You should be hiring a wedding photographer that you feel a friend-like connection with.

Do you like my sense of humor? My energy? My advice? My experience? My tone of voice? You’ll probably be able to make easy judgements of all of this on a Discovery Call with me, which is completely FREE. Book one now if you’re looking for your perfect wedding photographer to see if we have the right chemistry!

Next Steps

If you’ve found a wedding photographer that meets all three P’s for you, then it’s time to start booking! If I’m that girl for you, WOOHOO! I am doing a happy dance!! Here’s what the next steps look like for booking me for your wedding.

Just shoot me an email and I’ll set you up with a booking proposal. It will include my contract for you to review and sign. Then you can pay the non-refundable retainer to ensure your date is safe and secure on my calendar! From there, you’re officially an ENP Bride!

Inquire today to see if your date is available! Click here for more info. Hiring a wedding photographer may seem like a difficult task, but I promise to make this part of your experience as easy as possible once we’re official. I can’t wait to work with you to capture your special day!!

Also, now that you’ve hired your perfect wedding photographer, be sure to follow my Pinterest account for more tips for your wedding planning!

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