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Hey, Solopreneur! Congratulations – All that hustling is paying off in the bank. But is it paying off in your soul? Money cannot buy happiness… but maybe it can buy some peace. 

Let’s get these tedious tasks off your plate, so you can get back to the joy your business used to bring you.

Does This Sound Like You?

I need every bit of my promised turnaround time to deliver my client galleries.

I love editing bridal portraits, but I can’t stand to edit another reception shot.

I’m getting stuff done on my business to-do list, but my dishes and laundry are always piled high.

I don’t know how to display the best of my work in a curated, branded way.

Blogging takes me forever – I can’t narrow down what images to showcase.

I never promote albums, because I don’t have time or energy to design them.

I hate designing albums! The constant revision rounds with my couples drain me. 

I work another full-time job, and have very little time to keep up with my side-business.



Save yourself 30+ hours per wedding by handing over your editing. Just edit your favorite few images from each part of the day, then I'll take care of the rest – all while ensuring your branded style stays in tact. Your clients would never be able to tell an original edit from an outsourced image edit! Fill out a questionnaire for your project to get started.

After you've stared at a wedding gallery for too long, designing a custom, editorial-style album can be a challenge. Hand over this daunting final to-do on your list to expedite your turnaround time and serve your clients better. Plans range from initial design to full takeover on your brand's behalf (20+ client revisions and all).

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Blogging is the BEST and easiest way to keep your website active, SEO-optimized, and show off your best work! But it's also time consuming, and writing doesn't come naturally to everyone. Luckily for you, I LOVE writing – especially when I get to be strategic to write for SEO purposes.

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Turn your to-do list into a

done list!

Investment = $0.30 per image   ||   the average project submits 1,000 images 

Photo Editing

Schedule an Upload Day using the link below. Once you submit, I'll send you a contract and invoice. When the invoice deposit is paid, you'll send me your Lightroom catalogue with a few anchor images edited in your style. I'll then apply your unique style of editing to the rest of the images, saving you hours and expediting your turnaround time. Turnaround on edits typically meet 1 business day for every 75 images edited. For additional tweaks after initial delivery, request revisions at $0.03 per image.

Still unsure? Enjoy a free Zoom demo and trial edit to demonstrate my ability to replicate your brand so seamlessly, your clients would never be able to tell the difference between an original edit and an outsourced edit.

Request an editing block

Investment = $3 per spread   ||   the average album consists of 25 spreads

Album Design

My album design questionnaire will help you educate me about the types of album design you're most drawn to. Do you like negative space? Or do you love fitting in as many photos as you can to tell your client's story? From there, you'll submit up to 200 images for the album so I can get started on the first draft design. Once you've approved the draft, you have the option to take it from there or allow me to act as your brand ambassador, communicating with your client to go through their own revisions so the final product leaves them 100% satisfied! 

I work best with Kiss Books album design, but I can also work within your preferred album design platform (Artifact Uprising, Align, Millers, etc.)

Investment = $0.20 per word +  $0.20 per image  ||  the average blog = $79-$99


If you struggle to maintain blogging your weddings and/or sessions, or simply don't know what to write or how to curate the best of your images; this package is meant to take that burden off your hands. You will submit a brief Blogging Questionnaire that tells me all the info I need to know to write a blog post as though I were present at your session/wedding. Then submit which images you'd like to share on the blog, and I'll organize them in a way that flows and shows off the quality of your brand and service. (Not sure which images to showcase? Ask about my curation add-on!) Blogs typically take between 3-5 business days to complete. You may also receive one complementary round of revisions to the blog draft to be completed within 1 business day of submission.

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