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New Series: “Hustling”

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For those that know even a little about me, you know that I am not a full-time photographer. My business is in its baby phase (perhaps maybe even in utero by more accurate metaphorical standards). I am dreaming, planning, and learning as much as I can to achieve my goals, but my parents also raised me to be a hard worker and responsible.
That means I have a full-time job – a regular 9-to-5 that keeps the rent money coming and puts food in Ryan’s cat bowl. And I do enjoy that job! I work with great people and under a respectable boss. I keep pretty busy during the regular week day.
But with full-time work, having a side hustle has become a struggle. There’s a lot that goes into starting a business, and working a 9-to-5 only complicates and lengthens the process.
I’ve learned a lot so far about working 60-70 hour weeks, and I’m still learning. I know it’s not something even all of my supporters fully understand, so that is why I’m starting this series.
I want to share with you all the whole journey! This blog series will cover the following:
  • Why I’m [Side] Hustling (Dreams)
  • What I’m [Side] Hustling Towards (Goals)
  • How I’m [Side] Hustling (Time Management / Avoiding Burnout)
  • Hustling in the Off-Season (Steps and Strategies to Book and Grow)
Basically, you’re going to hear it ALL – full transparency! I’m going to share my dreams and my doubts, my goals and my hurdles, my wins and my losses, my strategies and my lessons.
My hope is that these blog posts will do one of two things for my readers:
  1. Reassure my concerned supporters that I have both a purpose and a plan for my business
  2. Encourage entrepreneurs and dreamers just like me that it can (and should) be done!
What makes this series unique is that you’re not hearing it from someone who has reached the other side. You’re hearing it from someone who is neck-deep in it!
I follow a couple photographers that serve as inspiration and mentors for me. And many of them started the same way I am! But what always left me with more questions was that I haven’t heard any of them really break down the steps they took in the VERY beginning of their dreams and careers. Usually their stories look something like this:
I was a full time [insert job here], and had to grow my business on the side working [so and so amount of hours] and spending [this many] weekends shooting weddings and engagements. Now I shoot 35 weddings every year and bring in a 6-figure income!
That’s great and all. But did I miss something? HOW did you find those clients? How did you get that first bride to trust you to photograph the biggest day of her life having no portfolio or experience to show her? They make it seem too easy.
Not to knock my wiser, more seasoned photographer friends, but this is only an inspirational story. It’s not really a practical resource. It answers the question of “Can it be done?” rather than “How can it be done?”
I can’t wait to start sharing this journey with you all in this level of depth. As always, keep checking back on the blog every Tuesday and Thursday for updates!
Thanks for reading!
Xx Emily


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