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Wow. What a big role wedding photographers have! I am so honored you're here, considering me with such an important task. But you don't want just anyone snapping these precious photos... you want someone you can feel confident in and excited about! Plus, did you know you spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than you spend with any other vendor? Or even with your own spouse! Yeah, kinda important we get this part right. So let's break the ice. I think I'm just the photographer you're looking for!

I'm Emily, the smiling face behind the lens

A Virginia wedding photographer preserving love stories wherever they unfold.

If you're still reading, it's because you want MORE than just a photographer. After all, when it comes to weddings you only have one shot at this, right? You're not here to just read about mine and my fiancé's obsession with books and board games or gawk at just how cute my cat Ryan is (although, he is pretty darn sweet).

You want a photographer who lets you process the moment, someone who makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and free to express every raw emotion. You don't want to be the one stressing about every possible shot getting captured. You want someone who just gets it... someone who understands the significance of marriage and why this step is so monumental for you and your significant other. Someone you TRUST to handle your wedding day images.

If I just described you...

you've found your girl.

Listen, Kevin and I... we're very different people. I mean, sure! We both would rather battle out over a 90 minute board game than go to a concert venue. But other than that and a few other things, we are opposite in a lot of ways. Marriage is a blend of differences... upbringings, personalities, and even sleep schedules. You don't realize just how many pieces you are made of until you try to mix with another person. But coming together makes a brand new, beautiful work of art.

My husband and I have learned these lessons after our relationship survived a pandemic. And now as newlyweds, we look forward to seeing how our lives blend all the more in the years to come. In my photography, I love capturing that unique blend. It's the spark of electricity you see when two people are together that makes love stories so inspiring.

We believe in


That's what I want!

Most wedding photographers love the pretty details: jaw-dropping floral arrangements, dramatic ballgown trains, and sparkling details everywhere. As much as we love to capture the beauty of careful event planning here at ENP, we're even more committed to documenting the memories that mark the start of committed, love-filled marriages. This means I pay attention to choked-up emotions, laughs between friends, and impromptu, tearful hugs with grandparents. I close in on the uniquely expressed connection between couples, and depict it both artistically and candidly. If you're planning a wedding only half as beautiful as your future marriage, I was destined to be your wedding photographer.

To truly capture authentic, emotive, surreal wedding images, this is key.

we value deeply committed marriages more than showstopper weddings.

Are you Looking for a photographer you can Trust with your precious wedding day memories?

When You Book Us

I started my business long before I knew Kevin, and I was already a year into shooting weddings for the first time before we met. All that to say, he knew what he was getting into when he chose me *wink* Now that we're newlyweds, he has officially joined ENP part-time so we can both serve YOU better! You'll meet us both at your engagement session, where we can swap wedding planning stories and help you feel like you're not alone in the stresses and joys that come with planning for a marriage after a wedding. After being a groom himself this past year, Kevin is happy to pat your fiancé on the back and assure him this picture thing is totally worth it.

You book fellow newlyweds who are figuring this marriage thing out alongside you.

I already love you guys! Tell me more.

are you ready to make history together?

My grandparents have been married for 63 years. My parents have been married for 42. And my soon-to-be in-laws have been married for 38.

I look at all those wedding photos from decades past and think how beautiful it was that that was only day one of their journey, one that led to me eventually joining along. So many years of struggles and celebrations spent together, and it all started in a white dress and pressed tuxedo.

I was a 2022 bride myself. My husband and I had to most amazing wedding day (pouring rain and all!) With such a beautiful journey ahead, our wedding images are history in the making.

And you deserve a photographer that will treat your wedding images with the care I expected from my own wedding photographer. That's what I promise to give you: my 100% creative and emotional investment in giving you photos to last through generations of your story.

to tell a lifelong story

legacy images

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