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Did you know you spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than you spend with any other vendor? Or even with your own spouse! Yeah, kinda important we get this part right. So let's break the ice. I think I'm just the photographer you're looking for!

that's why it's so important that my clients feel like my people

knowing & trusting your photographer is the key to creating images you'll love for a lifetime...

it's great to meet you!

If you're still reading, it's because you want MORE than just a photographer. After all, when it comes to weddings you only have one shot at this, right? You're not here to just read about my obsession with board games or see just how cute my cat Ryan is (although, he is pretty darn sweet).

You want a photographer who processes moments with you, someone who makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and free to express every raw emotion. You don't want a single precious moment to be missed, and you want someone who just gets it -- someone who understands just how significant marriage is and why this step is so monumental for you and your fiancé.

If I just described you...

you're in the right place.

Marriage is a blend of cultures, values, personalities, and even sleep schedules. You don't realize just how many pieces you are made of until you try to mix with another person. But coming together makes a brand new, beautiful work of art.

My fiancé and I have learned that so quickly in our two short years of dating. And now we look forward to seeing how our lives blend all the more after our big day. In my photography work, I love capturing that connection between lovers. It's the spark of electricity you see when two people are together that makes love stories so inspiring.

My own                 inspires me to capture yours with more authenticity.

I was born and raised in New Jersey. my soon-to-be husband is a classic georgia gentleman.

love story

You deserve a wedding photography experience that draws out every serendipitous detail and emotion. To get that, you need a photographer who just gets you. Someone who feels like they're your kind of people. Well that's who I'm searching for when I book new clients -- I love working with my people. Do we have anything in common? Let's find out...

look no further.

and an experience as delightful as brunch at the lafayette

looking for images that are authentic and heartwarming?

are you ready to make history together?

My grandparents have been married for 63 years. My parents have been married for 40. And my soon-to-be in-laws have been married for 37.

I look at all those wedding photos from decades past and think how beautiful it was that that was only day one of their journey, one that led to me eventually joining along. So many years of struggles and celebrations spent together, and it all started in a white dress and pressed tuxedo. And now, it's my turn. 

I'm a 2022 bride myself. My fiancé and I are blushing and ecstatic about our upcoming wedding day. With such a beautiful journey ahead, these images are history in the making. And you deserve a photographer that will treat them with the care she would want from her own wedding photographer.

to tell a lifelong story

legacy images

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