Just a Boring, Mundane Post About Kevin + Me


Hi friends! Hope everyone had a great Monday – though mine was very rainy and gloomy here near the district. Despite not getting Columbus Day off at my day job, Kevin and I made the most of a “should-be” holiday.

During the day, Kevin and I usually take turns working at each others’ appartment. Ya know, since we’re both stuck working from home and all. It helps give us some normalcy and socialization during the day that we’re not getting from our regular coworkers.

Today we worked at my place. But Kevin had the day off. So he got a lot done for me, and I have to brag on him!

  1. He returned my rental lenses for me!! I rented some new toys for Brad and Kristen’s wedding this past weekend, and they were due today.
  2. He fixed my coffee table! My little Walmart coffee table has been serving me well for two years. But one of the panels came undone last week. Like a hero, he went out for some wood glue and fixed it for me.
  3. We’re making dinner together! With all that’s been going on, we’ve been eating out more than we’d like to admit. But we recently visited (yet another) used book store, and found a calorie-smart cookbook. Tonight we’re trying one of the new recipes out. Kevin is grilling the chicken now, and it smells AMAZING!

Work has been busy, stressful and a little less than ideal. But Kev has gone above and beyond to take away other stressors to help me. He’s my cheerleader in my business, in my job, and in life.

I’m pretty optimistic about our future together. Lately all those beautiful weddings I photograph are reminding me more of my relationship with him. When I watch First Looks and capture First Dances, my mind goes straight back home to Kevin. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I think someday, sooner than I know, it’ll be our First Look – our First Dance. If this blog post seems like a mundane store gone head-in-the-clouds daydream, it’s only because I’m realizing something that many of my couples already realized: The everyday, boring stuff is romantic, as long as it’s spent with the right person. If you can testify to that, leave a ❤️ in the comments!

Kev, since I know you’re going to read this – just as you read all my posts without me asking – just want to say I love you and appreciate you, for all the little things you do to love, help, and support me. Yes, even down to gluing my coffee table back together.

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