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Life Update: I Got A New Job!

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Exciting news! I got a new job. abstract mural in Fairfax, VA

New chapter ahead!! I got a new job! If you have only followed me for a little while, you might not know that I have a full-time job outside of being a northern Virginia photographer.

I earned my Bachelors degree in Strategic Communications in 2017. Before starting my business, I pursued a career in digital media, advertising, and public relations! That pursuit eventually led me to Washington, D.C. (a story I should probably tell in a later post), when I accepted a position at White House Writers Group two years ago.

Emily Schneider, Director of Digital Content

During my first year at WHWG, I worked as a Digital Media Associate. I was then promoted to Director of Digital Content at the start of year two. I helped with graphic design, web design, social media strategy, video editing, research, and copyediting. In short, I wore a LOT of hats.

But, after two years, I was really itching for a new challenge. If you know me super well, you know I really LOVE to write. I’ve always loved writing since I was little (hello, big stack of diaries I kept since 1st grade). I also have a goal to write a published book in my lifetime!

But my career was starting to include less writing and more research. I felt the only way I was able to keep my writing skills sharp was by writing in this blog.

With a desire to grow, along with a number of other motivators, I put a lot of energy into finding my next opportunity. Within one week, I had 3 companies offering interviews. Within two weeks, I had done 6 interviews and one writing test with different organizations.

Emily Schneider, Senior Digital Associate

Emily Nicole Photography, northern Virginia photographer, nova wedding photographer, dc wedding photographer
Special thanks to my boyfriend Kevin for snapping these photos for me last weekend! 🙂

And now I am accepting an amazing opportunity to join the team at Plus Communications as a Senior Digital Associate! I’ve been told that my new position will give me a lot of writing opportunity. And I know I will learn a lot from my new coworkers and superiors.

Plus Communications is a public affairs firm full of so many talented creatives and strategists. I was so honored to be given the job offer last week!

My first day is March 9th. While I’m super excited, I am also aware that it will be very different. My new hours are 9AM – 6PM. And there will be some days with after hours work to contribute to projects.

Emily Schneider, Wedding and Portrait Northern Virginia Photographer

So this means my wedding photography business may look different too. I’m prepared that I may have less time and energy to blog, and might not be able to take every wedding date offered to me. But I am optimistic that my business will still grow!

I am working towards a strategy to optimize my time spent on my business. A lot of exciting new things are in the works to that effect. So don’t worry, I am still in business and excited for growth! This is still my passion and dream, and it fuels me in so many other areas of my life. I’m not about to give it up just yet.

Besides, my new office will be in Arlington. So I am much closer to home, and am able to take on more sessions locally! I guess I’m officially a northern Virginia photographer, since most of my time is no longer spent in DC. (I will still be in DC plenty for gorgeous session locations, don’t worry!)

So buckle up, friends! I am excited for this new chapter, and I am so grateful for all who are following along in my journey.

In completely unrelated news… did you know that October 10, 2020 is the most popular date to get married this year?? My friends are booking that date like crazy! But I still have it available if any brides are looking for an easy anniversary to remember (10/10/2020 has a fun ring to it!)

Contact me to reserve the date!!



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