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I’m Going to Disney World!

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I hope you read that and immediately thought of an MVP Quarterback at the Super Bowl holding a Lombardi trophy. That’s right! I’m headed down to Florida to visit the Happiest Place on Earth! And I can’t wait to test out a little Disney photography in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

My family is all going together! Yup! Mom, Dad, younger brother (Erik), older brother & sister-in-law (David & Ashley), my niece and nephew (Brooke, 13 & Nathan, 9), older sister & brother-in-law (Jess & Mike), and new baby niece (Ellie, >1). Big family vacation!

This photographer is going to Disney World! Minnie Mouse T-Shirt from Target

Even though we’ve been planning it for about a year, it only took one trip to Target to get me even more excited. As in… I saw a super cute Minnie Mouse T-shirt on sale for $8 and instantly put it in my cart so I can be the cool aunt who shows the nieces and nephew that you’re never too old for Disney.

I’ve been to Disney before. Once when I was just a baby (which I only have pictures to prove, because I was too young to remember it). And once when I was 14. I made an entire old-school scrapbook about that trip: stickers, ticket stubs, printed pictures and all! (Just goes to show that creating albums with printed pictures makes everything more special, not just wedding days.)

And you better believe I’ll be documenting my trip to share with all of you in a later blog post this summer. What kind of photographer would I be if I didn’t share some Disney photography? Now the question is… bring the big camera or settle for my iPhone 8 cam?

I fly to Orlando on my 23rd birthday to meet up with my family for the 10-day trip. And a lot has changed at Disney since I was 14! I mean, I would hope so… that’s nearly a decade ago! So, I want to hear from all of you…

Have you been to Disney in the past 10 years? Give me all your favorite Disney stories, rides, experiences! And do you have any tips for surviving Disney in the summer with 2 kids and a baby (not to mention the 8 adults who want to get on the rides too)? Hit me up in the comments below!!



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