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Little fun fact about me: I repeatedly listen to my couples’ First Dance songs as I edit their galleries. There’s a few reasons I do this. First, it helps me recall the day more closely (something about music just sticks memories into my brain like glue). Second, the First Dance song is picked by the […]

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It’s taken me a lot of convincing to realize why First Looks are so beneficial and memorable on a wedding day. I used to be a complete skeptic, but now I’m a huge fan! I’m going to break down the 3 convincing arguments that completely flipped my perspective about sharing a First Look. My hope […]

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You may have caught glimpses of him on my Instagram. Maybe you’ve heard me mention Ryan before. But now I think it’s time to formally introduce you all to Ryan. No, Ryan is not a boyfriend. He’s not a brother. But he is a friend, a roommate, and a great snuggler. Ryan is my cat! […]

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This family session holds a special place in my heart. I feel like I’ve already said that about a couple sessions/weddings, but this one goes deeper! In this family session, I was photographing my former boss with her family. Let me take you wayyyy back. To before I became a wedding photographer, before I moved […]

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Anyone that hangs around me for any length of time will come to find out that I am a die-hard Taylor Swift fan. I’ve been a fan since her Fearless album (I was a little too young to fully appreciate her debut album, though I do vaguely remember jamming to “Our Song” with my older […]

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I am sorry Blog Tuesday is late this week, but how about a YAY for Blog Wednesday?! I was attending a business webinar yesterday hosted by my fave, Katelyn James. But it set me behind on giving you guys a new blog post. Hope you don’t mind! I think this one will be worth the […]

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He pops the question, you say “YES” and it’s like life slows down to highlight this very moment. Until you realize you have SO MUCH planning to get to! The first things you need to book for your big day are your venue and your photographer. Both are very daunting tasks, because there are so […]

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Another wedding sneak peek coming at ya!!! This was a special day for me because this wedding was the last of my summer dates. First summer in the books!! I cannot believe in just my first year of business I’ve had the privilege of shooting 7 amazing couples on the biggest day of their lives. […]

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Sexy topic of the day: let’s talk $$$!! I heard a podcast episode this morning that really resonated with me. The podcast is Life with Amy and Jordan, and the episode I heard was “007: How We Lived on One Teacher’s Salary.” Well worth a listen (I’ll link at the bottom)!!! But I want to […]

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