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Earlier, I mentioned how getting to know my clients better is a goal of mine in business. Somehow, I’ve been blessed to serve some pretty amazing clients, and I regret that I haven’t had more time to get to know them deeper and spend more time with them! Building genuine connections with clients is so […]

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The story of how my business got started might surprise you. When I first picked up my camera, I had no inkling that I would use it to photograph weddings. I did not even think I would make any money with it at all! In 2017, I was a fresh college grad hustling to build […]

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Building a business is not for the faint of heart. Business owners that have come and gone before me have spouted that same line. When I started, with all my motivation and creative ideas, I thought it was a jaded view of entrepreneurship. But it’s not – it’s the truest statement I’ve come to know this […]

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Hi friends! A while back, I was super excited about a visit to the Kennedy Center to see Hamilton: the Musical live. Well… I think you can probably guess what happened. It got canceled and our tickets refunded. But in preparing to see the musical, Kevin and I ventured to read Ron Chernow’s biography of […]

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Wheeeeewww — it has been a LONG absence from blogging. Covid has really taken the wind out of my sails, as I’m sure a lot of you can relate. It’s crazy how hard it is to come up with things to blog about when the entire world decides to turn off for a few months. […]

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Hey, friends! I just wanted to check-in and share a little inspiration for those of you who are like me and working from home during quarantine. In case you missed it, I actually started a brand new full-time job RIGHT before COVID-19 shut the country down. I spent my first week in a brand new […]

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Hi friends!! Wow, a lot has happened since my last blog post. Which means 1) I am not doing a great job at updating this blog and 2) this new season is really throwing me on what to talk about. I want to avoid the obvious topic of COVID-19. Nearly everywhere we turn we hear […]

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So… I’m going to gush a little bit about my boyfriend. But I am having so much fun dating a fellow nerd (as my older brother would call us). If you haven’t heard of Kevin before, here’s a little intro post about him. In the post, I mention our shared interest in history and D.C. […]

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I hope you read that and immediately thought of an MVP Quarterback at the Super Bowl holding a Lombardi trophy. That’s right! I’m headed down to Florida to visit the Happiest Place on Earth! And I can’t wait to test out a little Disney photography in front of Cinderella’s Castle. My family is all going […]

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