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I hope you are reading this from in front of a fireplace or cuddled up on the couch with hot cocoa because you’re about to see THE MOST Hallmark-worthy Christmas wedding. That’s right, the holidays aren’t over yet...

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We almost completely missed getting portraits with their rented 1953 Bentley… Everything about John and Theresa’s Branch Museum wedding was going perfectly. Except we had a SUPER tight timeline to work with because the sun was going down FAST. Their ceremony took place at the typical time I usually pull couples for golden hour portraits. […]

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Wedding guest books have come a long way since our parents’ wedding days. They used to be plain books with blank pages for people to sign their names to. But the creative wedding guest book alternatives I’ve seen as a Virginia wedding photographer are amazing! I’ll share some wedding guest book ideas in this post, […]

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I photograph so many beautiful weddings that it’s hard to commit to a favorite. However, if I could choose my favorite wedding theme, Richard and Emily planned one that comes awfully close to toppling all the others! When I first chatted with Stacie Marshall (Marshall Arts Photography) about second shooting their wedding for her, I […]

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This day and age, calligraphers are not hard to come by. And there are some really amazing wedding signage calligraphers and wedding invitation designers out there! So my number one recommendation to any bride with a flexible budget will always be to trust the professionals. BUT that’s not always a financial reality for a lot […]

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It’s easy to fight off winter blues when you’re counting down the days to your wedding! But those shorter daylight hours can be a challenge if you love natural light photography. For bright, light and airy winter wedding photos, you need one thing: DAYLIGHT! So how can you make sure to plan optimize the few […]

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When I was engaged to Kevin, the one question I got from all my friends and family constantly was “How will you pick your wedding photographer?” Seeing that I’m a wedding photographer myself, my loved ones probably knew I would struggle to trust someone else with my wedding vision. It’s true that being in the […]

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As I was gearing up to share my best moments captured in 2022, I was tempted to share the most eye-catching wide shots or prettiest bridal details. But honestly, getting married this year proved to me that some of the most valuable wedding photos to the couple are the ones that capture a moment, one […]

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The weddings that stay closest to my heart are the ones where I feel like fast friends with the bride and groom. That’s usually easy with my ENP couples, but second shooting can feel a bit more removed sometimes. Not with Gracie Withers’ couples, though! I had the honor of associate shooting for Gracie’s sweet […]

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No matter what kind of wedding you are having, you need a wedding day timeline. Big or small, budget or luxury, full-day or a few hours… A wedding day timeline is the one tool that can either make or break your special day. Creating the ultimate wedding day timeline for your specific event is simple, […]

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Wedding days can be stressful, but they don't have to be. One of the number one causes of wedding day stress is a disorganized, tight timeline. In this guide, I'm sharing a sample wedding day timeline I use to craft all my brides' wedding day timelines, as well as diving into some pro tips only a photographer might know.


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